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Every day you are bombarded with ads about insurance. A talking lizard (really we don’t get it either) says buy direct from him. Another ad tells you you’re in good hands. Another equates insurance to a box you can pull off the shelf. There are so many insurance ads that it’s hard to know which is the best way to buy insurance. That’s why you need an independent insurance agent. 
Buying insurance is not like buying most anything else. It is not a commodity like a roll of paper towels. It’s about properly protecting your car, your home, your business, your assets, against unforeseen future risks. Maybe one insurance company just can’t take care of all your insurance needs. Maybe you don’t even know for sure what kind of insurance you need to protect your family and you. 

Who Are Independent Agents? 

Independent insurance agents represent a number of different insurance companies and can quote a wide range of insurance products. An independent agent has the opportunity to study different carriers in an effort to best match price and coverage for your needs. And if a carrier is competitive one year but not the next, your independent agent can help you find a different company. That is why we are called independent. 
Independent insurance agents own their own businesses and are located in Everytown, USA. We are part of your community; we are members of local organizations; we support local charities and we are trusted advisors. We work on your behalf and educate you on the insurance you need to consider. 

The Difference between Independent Agents and Others 

When you shop for insurance, it’s important to have choices. You only have one choice when you purchase from agents who represent just one insurance company. One size or flavor does not fit all. Agents who represent only one insurance company are sometimes called ‘captive’ agents. Online direct insurance companies sell direct to you without even using an agent, in most cases. 
An independent agent is not beholden to any particular insurance company and is your independent advocate. An independent agent can provide you with multiple quotes from multiple carriers for you to choose from. Just think who you would want to represent you should have a claim. 

Reasons to Choose Maine Insurance Agency as your Independent Agent

Independent insurance agents are trained to be your trusted advisers who understand risk and can offer you choices. We are licensed professionals who must pass rigorous tests and take continuing education classes. We are a small-business owner who live and work in your community. Our agents are focused on you, the customer. Our business depends on it and you can depend on us to be there with you if you need to file a claim.
Because we are independent agents, we represent many insurance companies, we are trained in many products, we know the marketplace, and we know which insurance company is competitive at any point in time to best match price, product and service for you. If a carrier decides to cancel your policy, an independent agent can and will help you find another insurance company we represent. 

Independent Agents Are Here to Help You 

Maine Insurance Agency is here to help you with all your insurance needs. Customer satisfaction is important to our success. We work with you to find you the best coverage at the most competitive rates. Please feel free to call us with any of questions about your insurance, from home and auto to business and recreational vehicles.